Top 6 BEST PC Gaming Controllers of 2022

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1. Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2
2. PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced
3. Xbox Wireless Controller
4. Sony DualSense Wireless Controller
5. Scuf Instinct Pro
6. Razer Wolverine Ultimate

SWTOR Jedi Knight – The Ultimate Character

The SWTOR Jedi Knight is very fun and entertaining class to play. This class is the heart of the Jedi Order, having spent more than 20,000 years of protecting the Republic. The Jedi Knight plays many roles, being guerrilla fighters, warriors, and generals.

Relik Battlefield 3 Guide Review

Battlefield 3 has proven itself to be an exceptionally popular game over the past few months, amassing huge numbers of players worldwide. It’s amazing to think how much time has been spent playing this game around the world by many thousands of different people. Since Battlefield 3 was released, a number of digital strategy guides have come out. Today we are looking at one of them in this Relik Battlefield 3 strategy guide review.

Top 5 Minecraft Adventure Maps From 2011

Part and parcel of Minecraft is the ability to build your own map, and explore other people’s creations. But with so many maps out there it can be difficult to wade through the mediocre to find the gems. If you’re new to Minecraft, or simply want to make sure you haven’t missed some great maps, check out these top five minecraft adventure maps.

Dead Space 2 Review

I recently just got a triple SLI setup going, with three GTX 480 cards, now that they have dropped down to just $249.99, or even $219.99 for some retailers

How to Pick Up Great Headphones For Gaming: 5 Useful Tips

If you’re a gamer, I bet you know the importance of great headphones to your gaming experience. However, do you know how to pick up your own? Read this short guide and find out the answer.

Star Wars the Old Republic: All About the Bounty Hunter Class

When considering the SWTOR Bounty Hunter class, it is important to know exactly what the class is about and why it was built the way it is. The Bounty Hunter, an assassin by trade is an expert in tracking targets for their clients. This method of assassination gains credits for the Bounty Hunter.

Old Republic Classes

I’m sure at this point, you’re pretty pumped about playing SWTOR. Keep in mind that before you start playing, you’ll need to find the correct Old Republic Class that is right for you. Having to make this choice may not seem like all that big of a deal, but actually, you are reflecting your personality and how your character will play the game. Do you want to be the tank that is able to run through bad guys with little problems while leading your team to success or will you be the healer that make sure that the tank gets the team through? We will explain what is what and try to help you feel your way around the classes.

Master the Art of Flying an Aircraft Virtual Flight Simulator

Anyone can drive a car, it requires special training to be a commercial airline pilot. Pilots must have first hand knowledge and practice of high-technology line up before taking a flight in the sky. Special schools for flight use a variety of techniques to properly train potential drivers.

PvZ 3 Gate Expand

With the amount of openings available in PvZ it can be hard to decide what’s best to do in every situation. What map is it? What are the positions? Have I played this map before? Etc etc. These are all questions that play important roles in determining your build. Luckily, even if you are in completely unknown territory there’s a standard build that will work on all maps/positions (ladder/tournament maps): The 3-Gate + expo.

ZvZ – 14 Roach Hatch Opening

This opening is great for avoiding ling and baneling matches. It also has the potential for a very strong mid and late game depending on how your opponent reacts and how you deal with their aggression. This build helps you defend your early hatch with correctly positioned roaches.

ZvZ – Alternative Approach to Dealing With a 6 Pool All-In

This guide will cover an alternative approach to dealing with the 6 pool all-in. Typically if a player goes pool first they should be able to defend against the 6 pool with just their drones, closely followed up with some lings and a queen. But in some cases this is very difficult because your either unprepared, not watching your overlords, you went hatch first, scouted late or maybe you were just a little late with your build.

A Quick Diablo 3 Templar Leveling Guide

In this Diablo 3 Templar Leveling Guide, I will introduce you to this useful follower class. Along the way, I will discuss some of their pros and cons and how they can help you as you level through Diablo 3.

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