Top 20 Games Of All Time

Every year, the global PC Gamer Brain Trust convenes to combine the list of the finest and votes them down to a single list of the best games of all time. You can work your way up the list, or play your way down: however you use it, you can rest assured that you’ll get a tour of the best games.

A Brief History of Video Games

Here’s the information about how video game industry started. Right now gaming is a multi-billion dollar entertainment business.

Why Dress Up Games Can Be Fun for All Ages

Dressing up is something we all love to do and had great fun doing when we were kids. Today, its possible for people of all ages; and not just kids to play these games online and enter a world of make believe that can bring out the creative genes we all have.

The Best Biking Games That Never Grow Old

Riding a bike, any kind of bike, is exciting and fun. It can also be dangerous, especially for young children. One way to have fun with a bike while staying safe is by playing video games. Here are some suggestions for the best biking games around.

The Number One Zerg Strategy To Win More Games

The Zerg Race is meant to be highly dynamic and reactive. As a Zerg player we need to be able to balance a timely response to the four gate all-in, and battle hellions for instance with the need to macro up and build towards the swarm that is essential in mid-late game play. The difficulty is knowing when it’s safe to macro and when it’s time to build an army.

The Role of Video Games in Stress Relief

Almost everyone plays video games nowadays not just kids. Despite all of the negative press that they receive, they can offer an invaluable service as a stress relief device. We all need an escape from reality every now and then so why not choose this free alternative?

Different Types of Flight Simulator Controls

There have been several developments in flight simulator software and the simulator controls have also developed along with it. In the past, most people were stuck using their mouse and keyboards, and only some lucky individuals had access to the primitive joysticks.

Which Is The Best Flight Simulator

Are you looking for the best desktop flight simulator? The answer is pretty simple. It is the Microsoft Flight Simulator X. There are mainly three types of software platforms that consumers can choose from, and they are Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Microsoft Flight Simulator, and X-Plane 9. Each of these simulators has a fan following claiming that it is the best choice, offering the utmost experience.

Doom Roguelike Review

What happens when you mix Doom with a role playing game? You get Doom Rogue-like! Randomly generated dungeons, multiple weapons, assemblies, and much more to be found in Doom Roguelike!

Playing Video Games Before Bedtime Can Be Harmful to Dream

Gamers who play video games for more than two hours before bedtime have a problem with sleep,and not only with normal sleeping but also they have problems in the time of sleeping with constant awakenings – this information is based from results that couple new survey shows and researchers say that we really should take care what our kids are doing before going to bed. Many of these people (kids, students… ) usually play at night before sleeping, after school, university lectures or work, but recent research that is conducted at the Australian University “Flinders” showed that it was night playing video games that causes problems with sleeping.

The Origins of the Blackjack Card Game

No one knows for certain when and where blackjack was first played. Read this article and know the details about the origin of Blackjack, the most popular card game today.

Three of the Scariest Video Games of All Time

Video games can be as scary as horror films or fictions. Here are some scary video games that you wouldn’t want to play alone!

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