MSI’s Most Powerful Gaming Laptop Gets Crazier! GE76 Review


Common Problems Playing Games

When it comes to PC gaming there are a lot of common problems that people can run into. I have encountered many of these problems myself and would like to address some of these problems and how to fix them.

Why I Love Counter-Strike/How to Play Counter-Strike

Today I like to talk about an integral part of my computer/technology career. Unexpectedly, it is my skill on the game called Counter-Strike. I would like to impart to my readers my knowledge which helped me to be regarded as sort of an “expert” on the field of the said game.

5 Tips to Follow While Buying Computer Games

Computer games are extremely popular these days. There are so many choices out there for us to select from and this makes it all the more difficult. However there are certain tips that you must essentially take into consideration in order to nail your purchase.

Video Games – The Perfect Escape?

Are video games the best form of escapism? I think so, and I’ll tell you why.

Should Games Skip Cutscenes Altogether?

Videogames as a medium for storytelling have often taken cues from movies, and the clearest example of this is the use of cutscenes. Pac-Man is quite often said to be the first game that used cutscenes rather than transitioning directly from level to level with no intermission.

What Are The Best Retro Games Ever Made?

Are you an enthusiast of retro games? Would you like to know what the best retro games ever made are? Then this piece of information is for you, because I have gathered some of the most remarkable retro games ever made in here.

Game Guide 101: Types Of 3D Games

Gaming experience has never been as rich and vivid as it is today. From 2D games to 3D, the evolution of gaming technology makes it popular not only among teens but also among adults alike. So what makes 3D games attractive not only to gamers but also to the general population?

Gaming Computers!

A gaming computer, gaming rig or gaming PC is specifically designed for playing demanding and complex video games. They are quite similar to regularly conventional personal computers; specific differences include the inclusion of components that are performance-oriented towards playing games, and video cards. The term ‘enthusiast computing’ is often used in association with gaming computers as there is overlap of interest and the genres described.

7 Ways To Make Money From Minecraft

Think you can’t make money playing your favourite video game? Ever been told that all those hours spent on Minecraft was a waste of time? Well think again, now you too could be making money from home.

4 Steps to Get Started in Hearthstone

If you want to get into Hearthstone, things can seem rather daunting. Here is a guide to what needs to be done as you get into the game, and how to keep your game progressing well and planning your next few actions.

What on Earth Was Wrong With Retro Game Makers “Flying Edge”? Quite a Lot As It Turns Out

A retrospective regarding the game developer Flying Edge whilst wondering how on earth they sold so many units. We’ve unearthed a few secrets on the way.

Struggles of Getting to “PRO” in League of Legends

There are times when you accidentally overhear a gamer ranting about people that disconnect or are away from their keyboard. At the same time, they may complain about missing skill shots or experiencing untimely lag during their games. What do these observations imply? The start of the many struggles a beginner may have in League of Legends

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