MSI PULSE GL76 Review: Excellent 17-inch Gaming Laptop

The MSI Pulse GL76 11UEK

Intel Core i7-11800H
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 85W
2x8GB DDR4-3200
17.3-inch 1080p 144Hz

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Get Enhanced Gameplay With Galaga ’88

Galaga ’88 was released in 1987 for virtual console. It is a shooter game by Nameco/Atari Games. It now can be played in arcade style, on PC, game gear, and virtual console platforms. Collectors have made the vintage models very popular.

What Makes A Good Video Game Villain?

This is a question which is very, very important. A bad villain can really bring any game, or even book, film, or TV show down. If the player does not care about the villain, if they find them amusing rather than threatening, it can be a huge blow.

Mario Games – The Best Way to Spend Good Time With Your Friends

Different types of online and offline games are designed every year. It has been observed that the popularity of the gaming industry is rising with each passing day. Mario is one of the most popular games among adults and kids.

Arma 3 – A Preview Of Things To Come

Combat games aren’t exactly new, and even multilevel games will really need to be packing something extra in order to grab the attention of the now-jaded gaming community. Simply put, Arma 3 has more than a few of these “extras”. With the superb lighting enhancements, the breathtaking environments, and the overhauled engine that imparts the game with unprecedented detail and gameplay options, Arma 3 is bound to make history for Bohemia Interactive yet again.

Benefits and Disadvantages of the Barbarian Class in Diablo III

Most gamers immediately think of using the Barbarian when selecting a Diablo III class due to some simple and well-known reasons. They view the Barbarian to be the most powerful ‘tank’ in Diablo III. The barbarian also has unmatched brute strength and can typically be equipped with the greatest advanced strength based gear, which is hard to use with other Diablo III classes. The Barbarian is also able to easily handle enormous mobs using the devastating whirlwind power.

A Video Game For The Olympic Games

The 2012 Olympic Games to be held in London now has an official video game released by Sega and it is already being given the thumbs up. It is not without problems, the main one being that most field and track events are difficult to make into a video game that requires skill and excitement. This is not something that can be changed but at least it is not in the realms of button bashing which characterised the last game of the Olympic Games Video four years ago.

Become A Fashion Designer With Fashion Games

We all know that fashion designing is one of most exciting and hottest career options. Fashion designer games are considered as the best way to learn about this trade. These options are available on the internet.

Cat Games – Have Quality Time in Playing Games Online

You can play many cat games with your cat if you have a cat in your home. However, you can even play numerous games on the internet. You will need to select the best game to enjoy and have the fun. Here are certain cat games, which you can enjoy in the company of your friends.

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Video Game Piracy?

How to solve a problem like piracy? Video game piracy is a beast that the industry just cannot tame. Many different techniques have been implemented to try and tackle this problem yet none seem to work.

Understanding the Importance of Asteroids Games

Asteroids are the video arcade game of the most unforgettable movie games. This game was launched by Atari in November 1979. This game was the most popular and influential game of the golden age of arcade games.

Computer Games and Hollywood Movies

It is amazing how much computer games influence our society. It’s often said that art mimics life. This is true in many regards, but sometimes life mimics art. Consider many of the science fiction type movies that have a common theme, and a common foundation of the computer game phenomena. Computer games have obviously only been around since such electronic devices have been available. It’s still a rather new industry, and just think, 30 years ago people didn’t have personal computers, therefore they didn’t play games on those computers.

How to Make the Most of the Diablo III Auction House

Diablo III is a new game from Blizzard entertainment that has introduced an entirely new aspect of online gaming. The Diablo III game environment, similar to a lot of MMORPGS, has an auction house feature that allows members to buy and sell items for game currency. Unlike other games, however, Diablo III allows players to buy and sell items for real world currency! This allows players who spend most of their time online gaming to turn a profit from their hours upon hours of time spent.

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