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How to Host a LAN Party: Gaming Essentials

I recall my first LAN party as a mixture of amazement and disgust: amazement because of the sheer coordination that went into organizing the thing, and disgust because I entered into a fire-hall where over fifty sweaty gamers had been cooped up for an entire day prior. Despite the trials and tribulations of finding a spot to set up my PC and guarding my stockpile of food, it was a blast. LAN parties, when they are well organized, can present a great opportunity for you and your friends, as well as their extended circles, to come together for some quality gaming. But notice the key phrase: organized! That’s right – you shouldn’t count on throwing together something haphazard and having it turn out well. If you’re considering setting up your own LAN party, you will need to keep three things in mind. Continue reading below.

What Are The Most Popular Genres of Video Games?

There is nothing to beat the popularity of video games, with newer versions appearing quite frequently. Because of the never-ending demands for such products, the industry offering them has no option but to keep pace by producing additional varieties to replace the older editions. Much to the benefit of gamers, the market is flooded with an extremely large variety of games and the dynamic gaming industry has undergone many technological developments.

The Best Gaming – Demon’s Forge

The Demon’s Forge, this takes gamers back to the days of slicing and dicing enemies and walking through dark, spooky dungeons filled with unknown digital creatures. It has more in common with Hero Quest than it does.

Mastering Red Crucible 2 In a Few Easy Steps

Are you having a tough time playing Red Crucible 2? Well, I have some basic tips that will help you master the game and have you playing like a pro in no time at all! Read more…

The Top 5 Video Games of 2013

From time to time, assessments are conducted as to which of the available video games are considered the best among the rest. In this article, the focus is on the ranking of the video games based on sales which is reasonable enough since the game with the highest sales is definitely the finest. Otherwise, it will not be patronized by the gamers themselves. Halfway through the year 2013, the NPD Group has released its rankings based on the sales reported by retail outlets for the period January to April. Below are the top 5 video games as reported by NPD Group.

How To Select The Best Flight Simulator For An Enjoyable Experience

The myriad options of games today available make it difficult when it comes to purchasing the best flight simulator. While there are many different types of games, not all are worth the money spent. It is essential to objectively consider your requirements and intentions when you go out to select a game.

Starcraft II Builds Every Player Must Know

Starcraft II Heart of The Swarm is easily one of the most popular sci-fi strategy games out there. However, a steep learning curve and fierce competition certainly make it a challenge. As a result, the correct application of Starcraft II Builds is a must if you want to destroy your opponent.

How to Add Mods (Modifications) to Minecraft

First you will need to obtain some type of archiving software. I suggest 7-Zip. After downloading and installing the program to your computer go to your computers start menu and type in “%appdata%”.

Games and Brand Extension – Do They Click?

For this article I wanted to look into the way that traditional games and gaming elements have been used to enter the mainstream space from a business standpoint to either incentivise consumers or engage them on a different level. Games are primarily an entertainment medium, but that hasn’t stopped companies from having games developed to reach a different demographic than perhaps represents their core market. An ad campaign may run for 2 weeks, 4 weeks or 2 months but branding within a game can have a much longer shelf life.

Most Popular Computer Games Ever

While many enjoy playing on a console, there are also many who see the benefits of playing on a gaming desktop. Some are of the opinion that real gaming can only happen on a computer rather than a console. With this type of unit, you are able to change many things affecting the experience of your software, whereas on a console everything is fixed, immovable, and unchangeable.

Hidden Object Games

Among the variety of computer entertainment hidden object games (HOGs) are quite popular. People of different ages enjoy them.

Vital Tips To Be Victorious At Online Racing Games

If you are a fan of racing games, then you will be glad to know that you can download countless free car games online to enjoy at your free time. Most racers today do not just play to have fun but to win. In fact, if you do not start winning, you will soon lose interest and move on to other things.

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