MSI GE76 Raider Reviewed – An Unapologetic Monster of a Gaming Laptop

Top 10 PC Game Deals for 2012

In this article, I take a look and talk about what I think is the top 10 PC game deals for the year 2012. There were so many good games to choose from as this was a good year for games. I have listed my top 10 pick and a description of the game.

Low Profile Video Card: A Good Alternative for Your PC Upgrade?

If you are reading this article, it is probably time for you to look at upgrading your computer’s graphics. This article helps audience who have a low-performance on-board graphic chip, and are now looking for higher performance for game play, to choose a low profile graphic card.

How to Have Fun With Flight Simulator Games – Tips

Flight simulation can really give you a high. Since it resembles an actual flight, most people get too excited to try it. This is especially true with people who are yet to experience being in flight as well as those who are aspiring to become professional airplane pilots.

What You Need To Know About Online Flight Simulator

Why would you consider using a flight simulator game? Technology has allowed people to experience the same thrill and feeling of flight without spending much – in fact, without necessarily leaving the four corners of their room.

The Basics of Flight Simulator Games

Flight simulator games are among the top most favorite games of the new age. It resembles an aircraft setting and it can make you feel as if you are in actual flight. Whether you are a first-time player or a frequent one, it is always helpful to know and go back to flight simulator games basics.

Playing Chess Online

With the Internet and video games at peak popularity, it is easy to think of board games as something of the past. Old Chess sets taking up room in your attic and gathering dust. Once upon a time they would be relied upon as a way to while away the hours on a rainy weekend, or just as a fun pass time, but with the convenience of online gaming, you may find yourself wondering why you enjoyed board games in the first place.

Upgrading Your Graphics Card: Important Tips

Graphics cards are a crucial part of computer gaming experience. Understand the tips for successful upgrade of your graphics card.

Stronghold Fans – Tips for Starting Stronghold Game

There are various types of games withing each series, custom map, Trails, castle builder, after you have selected your game and map has been loaded. I’ll recommend to start with Castly builder without opponent. It will give you quick learning on building happy town. Build your castle first in castle builder game, other game mode will have castle auto built there in map.

Play Mass Effect 3 – Ultimate Gaming

When it comes to video games, there is a lot of competition in the action and RPG section. However, there are some that transcend mere description, including Mass Effect 3.

Secrets to an Amazing Role-Playing Game

This article explores the vital elements required to make a role-playing game that players will love. In the article you will find an exploration of character development, a real approach to love interests and the need for a good storyline. I will also explore which type of role-playing game is the best for great immersion.

Choosing the Best Laptop for Gaming

If you are going to be buying a laptop expressly for gaming, and you have no idea where to start, then you should familiarize yourself with basic needs in terms of computer hardware before choosing your laptop. While it may sound silly to most of you, there are many people who know how to play games, and desire to play games, but don’t have any idea what they require for it.

The AI Avatar Transfer to Augmented Reality May Be So Subtle We Won’t Notice the Rapid Changes

It seems these days that many people have blurred their virtual world with the real world. If you doubt what I’m saying, why not stand in line at the airport, the DMV, or even at Starbucks and just count how many people are on their smart phones or personal tech devices busy texting their friends, checking other social networks, or reading news online. I imagine with the number of people busy online these days, you could easily cut in line and no one would be the wiser. They are too caught up in their multitasking world, one that doesn’t even exist, only online in ones and zeros.

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