MSI GE76 Raider review: the most powerful gaming laptop

Diablo III Skills

Diablo III has been a worldwide success. The amount of strategies to increase your chances of succeeding can be difficult with so much competition. When I started to play this game I struggled throughout and lost hope in competing against top ranked Diablo III players. The reasons I struggled were because I lacked Diablo III skills and the items I had were limited and made me look like a complete beginner. To my surprise many other players had legendary items while I had few to none. My Diablo III skills were dramatically low. These are changes I made that helped me get many legendary items as well as improve and my Diablo III skills.

Considering the Top Turn Based Games for a PC

A lot of people think that the turn based strategy games are so old school that they are no fun to play. These are obviously people who have not matched their skills and wits in a game that gives them a limited number of chances to learn to do something before the player has to start again from the beginning. When you know that your advancement in the game is based on your performance and that there will be a limited number of times that you are allowed to replay a scene then you feel a rush of excitement like no real time strategy game can provide.

Cool Math Games Keep Kids on Their Toes

Although boring, mathematics is the foundation to everything in today’s world. Here is a brief look into the reality of how math fundamentals can be enjoyed by all and positive learning can be found from just simple concepts.

StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm Reviewed

A review of Blizzard Entertainment’s latest expansion to the StarCraft universe: StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm. This review contains no plot spoilers.

Are Games Safe for Children?

Video and computer games become increasingly popular. They are also just as controversial in terms of their health effects. Whether games are safe for children is questionable, but there can be positive effects as well if we know how to apply them.

Fun – All You Need When You Want To Unwind

Working drains the human body at times. The perfect remedy for such moments is doing something fun. Fun relieves your mind and makes an individual loosen up from a world of dealing with tough tasks and ensuring that deadlines are met.

Tips For Choosing The Right Scary Games

Computer games are great. Scary computer games are even better. They are becoming quite popular and, with so many titles on the market, it can be difficult to choose. There are certain things you should look for before you shell out any hard earned cash.

The Link Between Violence and Video Games

Today I will be briefly addressing the link between violence and video games, if indeed there is one. OK, so firstly lets look at the facts. There are studies on a yearly basis to try and identify links between violence and video games.

Flash Games Are a Treat For All Ages

In the stressful life we live today we sometimes forget the most important things. Spending time with our most cherished loved ones could very well have been forgotten. Flash games played from your home computer could just be the answer to bonding with the family once again.

5 Reasons Why You Should Play The Elder Scrolls Online

Scheduled to be released in 2013, the Elder Scrolls Online is considered to be one of the biggest games planing to launch this year. This article discusses the most interesting 5 features of the game.

PES 2013 Tutorial: Top 3 Match Winning Strategies

Finding it hard to win against online players or AI. Use these 3 match winning strategies to secure a victory.

Amazing Spiderman Games

Spiderman is a well known fictional superhero. He is loved by children all over the world. Most commonly our first thought is the blue and red suit and the power he has to throw webs with his hands and cling to any surface. Spiderman computer games are very popular today due to extreme sound and graphics, and the action and adventure children can pursue in playing each game. They are able to play on a computer screen the same hero’s and villains they have seen on TV or in the movies, making it more thrilling and real.

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