MSI GE76 Raider 17″ Gaming Laptop | Fast & Loud | But can you work with this?

This MSI GE Raider 76 11UH has a RTX 3080, 11th Gen i9 11980HK and a 360Hz display, it’s one of the fastest gaming laptops on the market, great if you don’t want to buy two machines for work and play, but does it suit that use case?

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Save a Kangaroo With Hangaroo

What happens when you combine hangman and kangaroos? The result is Hangaroo, one of the hottest online word games. The premise is simple. The player is presented with a series of blank tiles representing letters in a particular phrase. The phrase is identified as belonging to a particular category, to help the player narrow down choices. As the player begins selecting letters, those which appear in the phrase are revealed.

Do Computer Games Cause Attention Deficit Disorder?

It seems rather obvious that the average attention span of the average teenager is that of a gnat. It’s completely obvious when you watch them surf the Internet spending less than 10 to 12 seconds on a single page, or watch as they text message their friends, and then continue on with the same conversation in the real world. Further, any parent can tell you that these videogames while they might keep the individual’s attention for hours of play, may also be causing attention deficit disorder.

Toddler Games Encourage Positive Habits and Build Important Skills

Many parents are reluctant to put technology in the hands of their children. Their fears are reasonably justified. Between hackers, stalkers, predators and cyber bullies, the digital world can be a dangerous place for kids. An inexperienced child is also at risk of damaging the fragile electronic devices. Nonetheless, many solutions exist to address the security concerns. Once a parent feels safe with their kids using computers, toddler games can be great for the development of young children.

Using Flash Game Development for Business Promotion

Games have always been a favorite indoor activity among children of all age-groups. Even the craze of games has not left the adults behind. People are spending their time in playing games on their mobile phones…

Minecraft Minimap Mod

The Minecraft Mini-map Mod enhances your gameplay by adding a nice Mini-map on your top right corner. With this mod you will never find yourself getting lost because you mark way-points and set them as your home or dungeon.

Looking for the Best Class in Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 presents players with 8 unique professions and 5 stunning races. While the races are only cosmetic and only vary little with racial ability, players need to know which profession will suit them. Below is a list of each of the pros and cons of each class in Guild Wars 2.

Smoke and Mirrors: A Basic Guide to the Mesmer Profession

The final profession revealed by ArenaNet is the Mesmer, a profession based in tricks, illusions and purple butterflies. This profession doesn’t fall short of being boring, instead, this profession is one of the hardest professions to master.

The Pet With the Highest DPS in GW2

There are eleven pet families available to the Ranger profession in Guild Wars 2. Ranging from terrestrial, arboreal to aquatic, choosing the right pet for the Ranger is essential for a victorious battle.

Improve Your Chess Play in Several Ways

Chess players are constantly looking for the optimal way to improve their chess play. Thus, there have been debates throughout the years for the best way to achieve this. While some study the chess theory, learning each opening intimately, others are solving a limitless number of puzzles or playing as many games per day as their free time allows. No single best method for optimal improvement of the chess play has been found, unfortunately. I’m going to present to you a few activities that trainers, coaches and players agree will prove most effective at improving your chess skills.

Flight Simulator Downloads

Whether it is the flight simulator itself or flight sim accessories, there is a high probability that any buyer or user of flight simulation software will have to do some downloads at a certain point. Whereas downloading software over the internet is no doubt convenient compared to the lag time and cost of having to order the discs or walking to a computer store to do the purchase, there are certain things you must always take into consideration before embarking on any flight simulator downloads.

Flight Simulator Controls

As any novice or seasoned pilot would know, it is impossible to fly any aircraft if one has little or no understanding of the instrument panels in each plane. And this is the same with flight simulators like Flight Pro Sim. Before you can successfully fly any of the more than 100 aircraft models that are available in this software, you have to be conversant with the flight simulator controls of each. As an example, let’s take a quick look at the controls for the Cessna Skyhawk P in Flight Pro Sim.

Flight Pro Sim World Maps

When it comes to flight simulators, the quality, complexity and depth of terrain is probably only second in importance to the cockpit and instrument detail. This becomes apparent when you see the extent of detail Flight Pro Sim has gone into in creating realistic world maps. You can never hone your ability to fly through mountainous terrain until you, well, fly through mountainous terrain!

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