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What Are Flash Games?

Technically flash games are interactive games created using the Adobe Flash software. Macromedia originally owned and developed the Flash software for use in animation programming and was being used to create movies and TV shows and complex business presentations. Soon after, Flash was picked up by programmers to create web-based interactive games.

Children and the Evolution of Computer Gameplay

Digital devices are changing quickly. What does it mean for how children use them and what does it mean for parents who wish to control them?

The Diablo III Auction House Can Pay For The Game

Even if the Diablo III launch revealed an unfinished product with no endgame content and a poor trading system, the development team managed to get everything back on track, improving the exiting ingame mechanics and adding new ones. The Auction House has been improved constantly and after months of patching, it is now a fully functional trading platform. For a few select players, the Real Money Auction House is a genuine source of income while the vast majority of players have trouble selling any item.

Equivalent Exchange Tutorial

The energy condenser is one of the most useful things to have in this game. This item allows you to duplicate an item, as long as you have enough EMC.

The Importance Of Having An Up To Date Build In Diablo III

When legions of demons threaten the very existence of the human race, people tend to lose faith. In Diablo III, the demon lords have returned to destroy the world of Sanctuary and rein fire over the High Heavens. This time we have four new classes and a returning hero is joining the fight against evil and every single advantage can make the difference in the battle field.

Minesweeper Games for Entertainment and Stress Relief

Games form an unavoidable section of our modern electronic gadgets. Be it the PCs or the latest version of our favorite Smartphone, it is quite impossible to imagine it without games. From the presence of games in play stations to mobile devices, games are often the best entertainers.

Resident Evil Low Score?

Resident Evil 6 is the new title from CAPCOM. The resident evil series was designed and made as a horror game but lately Capcom decided to go for a more action like game. Was the result good or bad let’s find out?

Blackjack As a Video Game

Blackjack is a very well know casino card game, but it also makes an ideal video game. The rules are simple and it’s a game that your can typically play for just a few minutes or for much longer.

New Item Run Strategy in Diablo III

Due to the major change of magic find gear in Diablo III, item run will no longer be the best strategies to find in-game currency anymore. Gamer starts farming gold instead of item run from several reasons.

Download a Flight Simulator

How many of us have dreamed of being able to fly? Unless you spend tens of thousands of dollars on training and school to do it as a profession, not to mention the time investment, it is a dream that for many of us may seem to be only that, a dream. But in the high tech days we live in today, for a very minimal investment, it can be a hobby that many flight enthusiasts, like myself, can enjoy.

Cheats for Guild Wars

Guild Wars is a fun game with many opportunities for success or failure. Here are some guides or cheats for Guild Wars that may help you to make the most of your gaming experience.

5+ Top Games Like WoW

You have been an ardent lover of WoW. Are you interested to play some games which are quite similar to WoW? If so, you are in luck! There are a lot of good games like WoW that are nicely designed with impeccable graphics. Some of the best games are listed below.

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