Here I took my personal keyboard from work home and removed all the keys to clean it thoroughly. Makes you feel good having a nice clean keyboard to use again.

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Mahjong Games – A Brief About Its Origin

Mahjong game is a Chinese game that can be played with the aid of four players. The game has got various modifications in the recent times in an order to make it the best tile matching computer game. Mahjong games are played by means of 136 tiles, which are having the symbols and characters of china. Each player of the game is initially given thirteen tiles, the players need to draw the tiles and discard them one by one.

A Few Computer Game Reviews You Shouldn’t Miss

Solitaire – the game for one or more – has undergone many changes over the years. The history of the game starts in the mid 1800’s and it is still evolving – not quite at the same speed of all information based technology but it is developing at quite a pace.

Best PS3 Games Released in 2011: Favorites

The entire PlayStation 3 gaming industry has improved vastly due to this year’s video game releases which boast of 3D graphics. Graphics are emerging that are fast with very fluid movement, very lifelike and the landscapes are highly imaginative and stunningly beautiful. The major gaming companies have increased their time invested into improving game play with a range of innovative ideas applied during the making of this season’s new releases.

MLB 11 The Show Gameplay (PS3) – New Baseball Simulator Overview

In this version the newly improved graphics make for more fluid movements of the players which is accentuated by the 3D effect. Gameplay is smoother and more entertaining as this baseball simulator includes in-depth baseball strategy and stadium variety.

Flight Simulator Games Are Fun And Educational

Flight simulator games are used to train commercial pilots to prepare them for all contingencies. Anyone using these games can expect a realistic experience that can make the novice an experienced flier in a short amount of time. Games that simulate flying allow the gamer to choose between different types of aircraft. It is possible to learn to fly small aircraft as well as the biggest commercial planes

Gameplay Can’t Get Better: Half-Life 2

I had not played Half-Life 2 when I thought Call of Duty had the best gameplay. Having said that, I am not taking anything away from Call of Duty; not even comparing as both are of different genres. Just that I liked this game almost as much as Call of Duty.

Pro Flight Simulator – Most Realistic Game

The first true turbine-equipped flight simulator Frank Whittle’s memorial showing a full-scale model of the Gloster E-28 / 39. The first aircraft to incorporate the principles of the jet engine was the Coanda-1910, piloted by its Romanian inventor Henri Coanda in 1910.

How To Master WoW By Using Macro Commands

World of Warcraft (WoW) macro commands are an extension to the slash commands that you can type into the chat bar in WoW. The slash commands themselves have the power to control almost any factor of the gameplay and when stuck with no clue the command /help is useful. WoW macro commands are usually learned later in the game playing but the really are so useful that they deserve being learned almost as soon as you have mastered the basics of the game.

Game Wallpapers – How to Find Them for Your Favorite Games

Are you extremely passionate about your favorite video games? If your friends have to regularly pull you away from your TV or computer screen, you likely wish that you had even more time for the games you love. Although you may have other responsibilities that take away from your gaming time, it doesn’t mean you have to completely separate from gaming. With game wallpapers, your favorite games will be right in front of you even when you’re stuck doing more mundane tasks. If you’ve never tried downloading game wallpapers online, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the wide selection that’s available. The games you can download wallpapers for include:

Getting to Know Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Deus Ex: Human Revolution was released August 2011 for computer, Xbox and Play Station 3. The reason I am interested in this game stems from it being published by Square Enix. Square Enix is a programming company famous in Japan for games like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts.

How to Dominate Your Enemy In Your Favorite PC Strategy Game: 5 Secret Tips From Pros

No doubt that PC strategy games are among the most interesting and competitive game genres. Knowing how to play them is easy. Knowing the secrets that can help you dominate your competitors is the whole different story. Want to know how?

Best Way To Play a Jigsaw Game Is Online

Today you can find many free online jigsaw puzzles, which you can play easily without any problem. Normally these games are quite easy, but many levels are there in which you have to settle the broken bits of the image to make a single image. Children love to play this kind of games, as they know that after the image is completed they will get a complete image. Normally it can be very interesting as people try to finish the image before the given time.

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