Best RGB Gaming Keyboard Under 1000 – Redgear Grim v2 Review

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Redgear Grim v2 keyboard – (899/- Only)

Hey guys is video me main under 1000 rupees ek bohot hi mast rgb gaming keyboard ka review kiya hai that is the redgear grim v2 rgb keyboard agar aap bhi under 1000 rupees koi rgb keybaord dhund rahe ho to is video ko dekh sakte ho 🙂

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Time Stamps
0:00 – Intro (Redgear Grim V2)
0:37 – Build & Design
2:54 – Sexy Indicators
3:17 – Keycaps,Fonts,Typing Experience
4:26 – Features & RGB
5:20 – Should you Buy it?

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