Best Gaming Headset Under 100- Audiotechnica ATH-GL3 Review (vs Hyperx Cloud Alpha, Beyer MMX100)

Audiotechnica ATH-GL3-

Best Value Headphones:
1) Shure SRH840A –
2) Hifiman Sundara –
3) Hyperx Cloud Orbit S:
4) Audiotechnica ATH-GL3-
5) Hyperx Cloud Alpha:

Best Value Headphones:
1) Shure SRH840A –
2) Hifiman Sundara –
3) Hyperx Cloud Orbit S:
4) Audiotechnica ATH-GL3-
5) Hyperx Cloud Alpha:

Best Value IEM:
1) Moondrop Aria:
2) Etymotic ER3XR –
3) Beyerdynamic Beat Byrd –

Best Dac/Amp:
1) Ifi Hip Dac 2:
3) Topping A90 Amp:

Camera Gear:
1) Nikon Z6:
2) Rode Mic Wireless GO II:

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